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Charisma is re-born as true charity — the art of saying, of doing what is needed. Magical charms in both word and deed emerge. Kinder, more meaningful interactions manifest.
Chores are less chore.
Learning to use our body as a larynx transforms stress, anxiety and antipathy into expression of Self…. your journey clearer, strengthened. Joyous appreciation of others results.
Becoming the secrets of language is the path to self, health and wealth.
This book leads us into the process of unfaltering energy.
As a Eurythmist for half his sixty-six years, Mark Neill shares his skills in gesture to return Charisma to its rightful place as the central tool of human progress.

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Pages: 98
Size: 204x204mm
Published: 2023
ISBN: 978-0-9873361-7-0

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